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Getting Your Roof Replaced Shouldn't Be a Hassle. We Make it 100% Painless.

The roof on your home is probably the last thing on your mind until it starts to leak. It is important not to ignore it because your roof could be in need of a replacement. Fortunately, if you have homeowners insurance you could get your entire roof replaced for the cost of your home insurance deductible. ERS Contractor specializes in roof replacements and helping homeowners file insurance claims. We are nationally recognized and are experts in all things roofing. Regardless of what stage you are in your roofing process, ERS Contractor can help.

Common Reasons Why Homes Need Roof Replacement

Here are some commons signs of roof damage that might indicate you need a replacement:

  • Damaged shingles
  • Your roof “flexes" when you walk on it.
  • Missing shingles
  • Roof sagging
  • Your roof is old

How the Roof Replacement Process Works

Before getting a roof replacement, you will need to have a thorough roof inspection to see what your repair options are. During this period a roofing contractor will look at the age of your roof along with looking for any apparent signs of damage. After your inspection is over the next step is to file your claim. Your insurance company will then send out an adjuster to estimate the damages. Next, you would pay your insurance deductible and your insurance company will write you a check. Then you can pay your roofer after the job is done.

  • Roof Inspection


    We'll come out and inspect your roof at no cost to you.

  • Our Commitment


    Our roofing specialists will inspect your roof for damage.

  • 100% Satisfaction


    We provide a statement of work and begin work on your roof.

Fast Title & Escrow Services, Attorney Owned & Operated

Title Brothers hosts closings at any of our office locations conveniently located throughout South Florida, as shown on the map below. We can also close at more than a dozen locations throughout the state or electronically, as requested.